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Within the framework of the project Súmate a Innovar – Circular Economy CORFO 2021 entitled “Native mycorrhizal inocula for compost tea”, Ceres center, through the Biological Soil Restoration (RBS) program, concluded a collaboration agreement with the company BIOfeed that will establish pilot units for the development of mycorrhizal inocula in agricultural systems.

On a laboratory scale, the initiative seeks to inoculate arbuscular mycorrhizae to add to organic amendments produced by the company BIOfeed, including compost tea. With this, the aim is to increase the added value of the processed products and, in turn, maximize the use of water resources in agricultural systems and increase their nutritional, biostimulant and health properties.

Based on the trajectory of BIOfeed, a national company dedicated to plant nutrition for the recovery of soils and the recycling of organic materials, through the elaboration of biofertilizers collected by themselves, this experience will serve for the development of new innovations based on the scientific knowledge, allowing medium and small-scale farmers to access greater efficiency in their agricultural systems by using low amounts of water.

“Guarantee access to new technologies, generate good products at low cost and improve the absorption of nutrients by the soil; These are some of the challenges we are aiming at with the support of the Ceres center”, lists Rodolfo Campos, general manager of BIOfeed, emphasizing the importance of opening the market towards new technologies from microbiology.


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